At Reliant Care Limited, we strive to meet the daily challenges of our residents with efficient, intensive support care by our support staff. We welcome individuals from Harrow, Hounslow and Hillingdon. Contact us today for further details.



We at Reliant Care treat each person as an individual and thus take a person-centred approach. In our 24/7 accommodations, we reflect this ethos by tailoring our services to meet identified personal needs. Our residents can expect to be treated with regard to equality, inclusion, dignity and respect, and to enjoy the ‘family culture’ that we promote within the supportive environment we provide. 
Promoting Social Inclusion
Reliant Care Limited was established as the result of an idea to improve the lives of those who suffer from social exclusion, social disadvantage and homelessness. We wanted then and now to make a difference in the community and offer vulnerable people the chance to rebuild their lives, regain independence and, within a supportive environment, commence a return to independent living, aided by dedicated and caring team members.
The success of our maiden unit led us to invest in further supported accommodation services designed to meet a wider range of residents’ needs. We developed working relationships with interested health and social care professionals including local authorities, so that we could work collaboratively in providing our residents with a way forward to gaining a greater measure of independent living, by having improved access to welfare support, training and employment opportunities.
Since the establishment of our first High Support Accommodation unit, we have been encouraged by the success of our residents and the knowledge that our approach to providing support and assistance towards achieving independent living, has contributed to them rebuilding their lives. Our measure of success is the positive difference made to the lives of residents, by having lived in our supportive accommodation and moved on through our pathway to independence and social inclusion.
• We provide recovery focused support and interventions to people with severe and enduring mental health  
• We empower our service users to make positive decisions around their treatment and to support them on their journey to recovery 
• We work to improve the extent to which negative symptoms of mental health affect our service users and effectively support individuals placed in our care 
• We minimise the rate of relapse in our service user group 
• We minimise attendance at accident and emergency and subsequent admission to inpatient services
• We promote improved confidence and self-esteem among service users in identifying and responding to treatment as part of the overall management of service users through community engagement
• We facilitate the provision of relevant mental health information for service users within our service  
• We promote the concept of harm minimisation for service users within high support accommodation setting
• We will facilitate an effective and safe transition of care for individuals requiring therapeutic management of the symptoms of acute alcohol and substance misuse withdrawal
• We develop and improve care pathways for our service users from general hospital and community-based services
• We develop an effective care plan, promote opportunities for sustained recovery from symptoms of mental health   
• Through the collective use of resources, we will deliver measurable and improved outcomes, not only to service users but also to families, carers, the public and the wider community
• We develop and deliver training to staff our staff to enable them to undertake their roles in the system, for example, how to assess referrals, what tools to use, how and who to refer to and how to give brief advice etc.
• Our High Support Accommodation units develop compliant protocols for the management of the needs our service users 
• We also work with primary care, mental health and specialist alcohol and substance misuse treatment services to agree and develop care pathways for service users with dual diagnosis in our care.
• We have harm reduction strategy in place for all service users who uses self-harm as a vehicle to address their stressors 
• We support people with mental health and a range of complex needs 
• Our services are open and accessible so that people feel relaxed and able to talk to us about their dependency issues
• All our support is offered in a non-judgemental and non-punitive way 



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