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Supported Living Solutions

At Reliant Care, we welcome individuals with varied needs and requirements. Our experienced and compassionate staff provide tailored support that is based on each resident’s individual needs. We make sure that all our residents have what they need within the secure, homely and caring environment we provide.
Many of our residents are on an enhanced level of Care Programme Approach (CPA) and will have regular visits from care coordinators. We attend local outpatient appointments and liaise regularly with the mental health services to ensure our clients are receiving the best quality ongoing support.

Helping vulnerable adults in any way we can

At Reliant Care Ltd, our team is dedicated to helping vulnerable adults find supported housing so that they have a strong base to recover and transition back into their community. Vulnerability comes in a range of guises. We help individuals with mental health needs and learning disabilities. We also help adults who exhibit challenging behaviour or who are trying to recover from substance or alcohol abuse. If you feel that you could benefit from our help, please get in contact with our team.


We assist (depending on the ability of the individual) residents to prepare a wide range of home cooked food based upon traditional cooking using fresh produce. Where residents are unable to cook, whether due to lack of skills, or as a result of the impact of medication, we have the facility of a professional chef who is able to prepare meals at a subsidised cost to the individual resident. Special diets are catered for and daily choices are available.
Entertaining guests or small private parties is available by negotiation.


Whilst most of our service users live permanently at our facilities, occasionally we can offer shorter term breaks.
We fully appreciate the stress associated with leaving their original location/home to live in a new location, and are happy to accept new residents for an agreed trial period, at the end of which there would be no further obligation.


Prior to admission, each new resident is encouraged to visit the unit that they have been referred to in order to satisfy themselves that this is the environment that they feel will be able to meet their needs.
We will also discuss the personal preferences of each prospective resident and whatever care needs may be required. This is essential to confirm that we are able to provide the correct environment for each resident.
Fees are discussed and assessed based on the needs of the individual. Fees cover all aspects of the support received by the individual resident. Residents are, however, expected to contribute to trips etc.
Temporary absence/family visits (stays)
Where a resident is temporarily absent from the unit for any reason, fees will still be payable in full during such absence. A service user’s room will not be occupied by anyone during such absence and would be secured against entry by other persons, other than those nominated by the resident. In the event that a resident is re-admitted to a hospital for treatment, we will liaise fully with the hospital and care co-ordinator in ensuring that medication, personal clothing and any other items requested by the resident are delivered to the hospital. Residents are free to invite friends and family members to visit them. Guests are required to sign the visitors’ book when they arrive and leave the premises.


Each resident will have their own personalised support plan. The plan will be devised in consultation with the resident, advocate and the relevant agencies and statutory services. The plan is reviewed on a regular basis, dependent on the needs of the individual. The plan will also be reviewed should there be any significant event.


Within the Care Programme Approach, at every review stage, the degree of dependency is assessed. All discharges will be planned and will be formulated within a CPA discharge plan.
Residents are encouraged as part of their recovery plan to move towards greater levels of independence. Once it is believed that it is appropriate for an individual to step down to lower levels of support, we will request a placement review and facilitate the move if all parties agree.


The performance and standards of the service we provide is monitored on a regular basis. We are actively involved in peer to peer reviews with another provider of services to ensure that there is continued monitoring of quality and improvement when it comes to the services we deliver. Residents, their families, carers, social workers and other professionals involved in the welfare of the individuals are invited to comment on the quality of service provided by Reliant Care.


We help clients solve complex problems

Mental Health services – The mental health service at Reliant Care provides accommodation to all individuals who have

common to complex mental health needs which includes co-morbid and transdiagnostic disorders. We provide a patient-centred approach and provide psychotherapy programmes such as cognitive behavioural therapy.

Learning Disabilities service – The Learning Disability service at Reliant Care provides accommodation to all individuals who have

complex to moderate learning disability. We provide a range of activities tailored to address the person’s specific needs by providing positive behaviour support and life skills.

Psychotherapy services – The Psychology Team at Reliant Care offers 1-1 and group sessions to all individuals by following a

protocol driven approach. The psychotherapy interventions include cognitive re-structuring,

behavioural experiments, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, mindfulness, and SMART goals. In line with this, we also provide music, dance, and art classes to all individuals at our service to enhance their creativity and provide more suitable coping strategies.

Ministry of Justice (MOJ) – The MOJ service at Reliant Care is currently offering accommodation to all male and females who have forensic and criminal history. Our intensive program involves psychological talking therapies, supported employment and development of life skills.


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