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Fruits of Life –

     A supported employment project for vulnerable adults

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Employment Scheme

This scheme aims to provide vulnerable adults housing as well as providing employment opportunities within the community. It encompasses the service user with housing, employment and provides continuous support throughout the recovery process.

Vulnerable individuals due to a variety of reasons have had very little opportunities to fully exercise their independent living skills and their abilities have been undermined due to the nature of their illness. The economic crisis has resulted in many major cutbacks on vocational projects previously providing opportunities for vulnerable adults. However, there is still a need for such projects to be able to assist individuals to successfully transition through the recovery process. There is an identified need for vulnerable adults to establish themselves independent of their illness.

Social Services have started many projects however a priority has been placed on meeting the demands of basic care and support and these needs have taken precedent over vocational experiences for vulnerable adults. We feel that there is a need for a joint enterprise with Social Services to provide the stability of a long term project such as this.

This project aims to be a one-stop for providing housing and employment or either/ or just housing or just employment. We will be working closely with two PCT’s: Ealing and Hillingdon. We will not be dependent on any grants for funding this project.

Reliant Care would like to announce the acquisition of 200 Northolt Road, Harrow HA20EN, APRIL 10 2015

The Project

We propose to provide employment opportunities to vulnerable adults by preparing fresh fruit packages which will be individually packed for local sale. These packs will be prepared by the service users under supervision specifically with the use of machinery.

The preparation of fruits will take place in an industrial unit; the production plant is designed to facilitate wheelchair users to work on site. All adaptations will focus on the ease of use especially for wheelchair bound service users. 

The units will also have on site offices for record keeping and training. Service users will receive on-going training in the areas of: food and hygiene, food handling, safe handling of knives, health and safety, and personal hygiene.

Vocational officers will be attending for interim assessments, preparation for full time work and compiling CV training, interview skills, advice on benefits and PAYE. We will be working within the permissible working hours so that in initial stages there will no impact upon benefit entitlement. Shift patterns have been designed to introduce a structured routine within a work environment taking into consideration service users’ attention span and concentration levels. These hours consist of two hour shifts including a 45 minute break; ideally we would like service users to commit to 2 shifts per week.


We want to provide accommodation for individuals, specifically for out employees; subject to the relevant assessment. We aim to provide a one-stop service to promote independent living, employment support, housing and employment opportunities. 

Accommodation will be provided for all service users along with an employment opportunity. The accommodation will range from self-contained flats to en-suite double bedrooms dependent upon the relevant risks identified. The accommodation includes 24 hour support staff on site, regular key working sessions will take place on needs identified in risk management plans which will be prepared accordingly. Staff will be pro-active in working with service users throughout the recovery process and encourage independence at all times.

Initially there are housing facilities available for 28 service users, however once initial teething problems have been overcome the scheme can be expanded as per the demands. The current housing locations available are Hayes, Harrow, Uxbridge, Southall, Wembley and other locations.


We are in the process of acquiring a block of flats located on Oxford Road, Uxbridge for the commencement of the the project.

Our scheme will act as a springboard to provide an employment reference, to give in-house employment training and encourage service users to seek more permanent employment  opportunities. We will create a link with the local business community to aid employers with meeting the quota of disabled employees as per employment regulations. We aim to create a pathway where future employers can meet potential employees.

Having conducted in depth research for over 12 months and we have found that the willingness from local business to support this scheme has been exceptional. We will provide a private commercial model for the imminent future. Four local large employers have come forward and expressed an interest in accepting this scheme as a foundation for further employment opportunities.


Our experiences shows that service users with acute mental health problems can carry out vocational tasks under a structured, supported and supervised scheme. However, we do not want to limit this project to individuals with mental health illness, although this is our area of expertise, we wish to open this project to all vulnerable adults inclusive of dual diagnosis clients (i.e. learning disabilities with mental health). 

We are asking care co-ordinators to identify service users who may be deemed suitable for such tasks alongside a thorough OT assessment. We can expedite OT assessments since we have in-house facilities to carry out such tasks. These assessments should be in-depth and provide sufficient information to fully illustrate an individuals capabilities.



If you have any questions or would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us at 0208 893 6770.